[beagleboard] Where is BeagleBone toolchain and why is it so very carefully hidden?

Well, which "one" should we list? There's versions from Mentor
(formerly CodeSoucery), and Linaro.. Then Angstrom builds it's own
when you run it's script to generate an image. Ubuntu has a arm
cross-compiler available in their x86 repo's, Debian has their
embedian cross tools.. Of course you could always build your own. :wink:


Well, I have my own personal bias(es), as no doubt we all do...and I have built multi-targeted toolchains from scratch on many occasions as part of my work, so I appreciate not having to go through that trouble, when there's a viable alternative! Although it looks like the situation has improved somewhat since 2007 when I last had to do it as part of my job - it was just before Yann's crosstool-ng really stabilized, but after the original crosstool had started to get pretty dated, so I started with crosstool and ultimately replaced the whole thing, one piece at a time...I had a setup to build all the packages for an entire embedded distro, as well - mostly native, since in those days it was hard to cross-compile most packages, and the emulation technology wasn't quite there yet...qemu was a little bit faster than our actual mips board, but it crashed randomly. (At least we had 1 GHz ARM boards - those were actually fairly decent, and ran faster than we could emulate them.) Yuck. I got it all working, and fully automated, and was hoping to get them to let me open-source the system, but then they laid off half the company, and... oh, well.

Anyway, why not just list all viable/current options, in one place? A simple list of links, perhaps with summaries of what each is, and any major differentiating factors, would be very helpful, would it not? As you note, there is an impressive array of options, and if it's not obvious which *one* we should list, then it seems appropriate to list all reasonable candidates (and maybe a link to Yann's crosstool-ng, or whatever the best bet(s) are these days for those who want to roll their own).