[beagleboard] Which USB hub?

I have yet to find a hub that does not work but I have not tried all of them. Make sure you plug the hub in before you power up the board and see if that helps.


This one works great for me. I got it at Microcenter. It may be their brand, I don’t know for sure.




Great! I had the impression that a self-powered hub was required, even though a trackball and keyboard are all I’m looking to add.

In any event, I’m delighted that there is an inexpensive solution. Thank you!

I use it to connect a USB keyboard, optical USB mouse, and a thumbdrive. As long as you are under 500mA and have DC power, you should be OK. Depending on the keyboard and mouse, you MAY be able to run that just over the USB power.


Went to stuffmart and bought a four-port HubMan for a few bucks. Works fine. :slight_smile:

Now if I could just find something to do with the powered hub…