[beagleboard] Wifi ad-hoc network: link quality estimation between two nodes

Hi guys,

I'm working with a Beaglebone network (all of them connected wirelessly
ad-hoc), and I need to estimate the link quality between two beaglebones
(so the LQ of only one single link). Now I'm trying with iperf tool, so one
bone acts a server and the other ones will connect to it as clients. After
that, I start the simulations (10 seconds, using udp protocol). Could the
bandwith obtained be a good link quality value? Has anyone already done
something like that? Does anyone know a better tool to estimate wireless
link quality?

Thank you very much

Are you using a mesh networking tool like olsrd or batman-adv? You could
look there for link quality numbers.

olsrd has a txtinfo plug-in that shows the current routing table and link
quality between each pair. You could see examples on

Couple of other possibilities:
For olsrd: http://www.olsr.org/docs/README-Link-Quality.html
For batman-adv: http://www.open-mesh.org/projects/batman-adv/wiki/ELP