Beagleboard x15: access serial console through USB


I don’t want use the TTL header(P10) to access the linux console at start-up. Do we have any provision to access the linux terminal.

I tried with USB client(P7) , it was detecting as “USB serial device(COM3)” in windows but not able to access, same scenario in linux as well.

Thanks in advance.

can you expand on what you meant here… What is USB client(P7)…


Hi RobertCNelson,

Thanks for your interest.

USB client which is the Micro USB Connector(P7) in beagleBoard x15.

Let me know your suggestion.

Ah, the microUSB on the x15… It should be working today with the v5.10.x-ti kernel, older images with v4.14.x/4.19.x was hit and miss with the gadget driver on the am57xx.


Hi Robert,

Sorry, due to other priority work, i couldn’t test this soon.

Now, I used the kernel v5.10.120-ti-rt-r48 from the below link

Still, I didn’t see microUSB as USB serial port in Windows.

Can i get a link for image which you have tested.

Try: Debian 11.x (Bullseye) - Monthly Snapshots