Beagleboard - x15 can run Beaglebone Black's PRUSS code?

Hi recently I bought a Beaglebone Black.

And I need to use GPI read with PRU.

I found some examples how to use PRUSS like am335x_pru_package.(the link below)

There are some defined values to use AM33XX’s PRUSS.

But I need to run that code in BeagleBoard-X15 to use PRUSS in AM5728.

I read about migration guide from the link below.

But I think it’s hard to change am335x_pru_package’s code for migration.

Is there any support for migration AM33XX PRU to AM5728 PRU?

It’s hard to find about PRUSS migration code from internet.

Please let me know if there is any support like this case.

Thank you very much.