beagleboard-x15 cape fpga microcontroller adc dac sdram


One of my pet projects which isn’t off the ground yet is SDR with the B.B.-X15. My progress will
be to slow to warrant getting one of the SDR capes for free, but I hope the free cape goes to a student, researcher, or hobbiest who will help show how all of the processors on the X15 can utilized to implement baseband (and maybe bandpass) processing for the SDR. There are really a lot of neat experiments one could do. It would also be cool if they could show design trade offs since there are so many options on the X-15. I hope that the SDR project will help demonstrate what kinds of applications the X-15 can be utilized for… I believe this board (or the TI57xx EVM/IDK) is being used in industry, but I don’t THINK there’s a good window yet into applications being developed on this SoC. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I greatly look forward to when your cape goes on sale and when the benificiary of this cape starts posting up info about his/her example application!