BeagleBoard-X15 Release Status

Guys, first of all excuse me for making yet another topic on this matter :slight_smile:
I just looked at the others and got the feeling they are outdated. For what its worth, maybe all those questions should be merged in a single topic?

Other than that there are NO news whatsoever regarding BeagleBoard-X15 ‘real’ release date. Can you give me a perspective on what is going on, are there any problems with the CPU itself (of course if you can shed light on that, there are probably NDAs signed and such :slight_smile: )? Last I checked news on googl, anything about the board was from Q4 of 2015. I see a pending order on those boards from the supplier I am making my purchases from, but talking to their support they directly told me they don’t know when the board will be available and they keep rescheduling the dates.

Besides that, there is no real substitute to exactly this processor and board, it is that unique (still) :). Of course there are couple of industrial boards implementations from commercial vendors but I was also not able to acquire any of them.

The problem for me is unfortunate as I based all my design on TI ecosystem and SDKs waiting for this board (and prototyping on a BBB), so any possible information/explanation will be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, but you are under-informed. Feel free to check the Wiki for the current status.

And I have posted two updates here over the last couple of weeks.


Hey Gerald, thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: it took me some time to find what you were talking about.
To be honest I never knew that this is the official-official page for the product, expected to find something on the site.
Thanks for the help, really appreciated.

You bet.


I did a quick update.

I surveyed alternatives only 4 weeks ago based on the Google search term “AM5728 board”, results here:

If you’re after boards (rather than CPU modules), 2 of the 3 links given show stock, including TI’s site - not sure where you’ve been looking!