BeagleBoard-X15 Temperature range


I did quite some research now, but unfortunatelly I am unable to find environmeltal specifications for the BeagleBoard-X15, especially on operating temperature.
After several hours of googling I am still stuck with the only information being the minimum and maximum operating temperature of the SoC itself. However, this does not say anything about the temperature range of the other components on the board.

Can anyone help me with that?


0 to 90 degress C

Thank you for your answer! May I ask where do those values come from?

That is the same range that TI gives as junction temperature for the SoC, but is there some kind of document where this is specified for the whole board or did someone do tests with it?

They come from the way I designed it. This was what we used to select the components used on the board. At the time, there were no extended temperature AM5728 processors. So, we designed the board to meet that temperature range. This is the ambient temperature. Depending on what you are using in the processor and how fast you are running it, it will tend to generate heat, so you also need to factor in being able to take that heat off the processor.


Okay, thanks a lot for your quick and helpful answer :slight_smile: