BeagleBoard-X15 Ubuntu


The prebuilt Ubuntu raw microSD image (on the eLinux wiki here) doesn’t seem to be working properly. When the OS boots, nothing is being outputted from the HDMI port, but all the LED’s on the BeagleBoard-X15 are flashing. The flasher image does work though, but the onboard memory on the BeagleBoard isn’t enough for my purposes.

Anyone know how to build a non-flasher image for Ubuntu on the BeagleBoard-X15? Or perhaps change the image so that it doesn’t flash the board?

What revision of the X15? It’s on the sticker on the Ethernet Jack…


I figured out what was wrong, I switched to a different monitor and it worked! But why does the flasher work with one monitor and the other does not?

Also it doesn’t have any stickers or writing on the Ethernet Jack.