[beagleboard] XBMC - Beagleboard XM Rev C (HOW-TO)

Nice start. Looks like a straightforward setup if you start with the
Angstrom dist, so that should help a number of folks. Curious about a
couple of things:

1. Does it really take 20-30minutes for the first boot, even without SGX
setup (which you install later)? Any idea what it's doing during this

2. Your boot args for the kernel use vram=16M and the framebuffer setup
as "vram=0:8m,1:4M;2:4m". Do you know where these settings come from
and/or why those sizes were chosen? I have vram=8M and framebuffers set
to vram=0:4M,1:4M, but gst crashes right after starting to play the Big
Buck Bunny demo video (with or without X running). Not sure if the
problem is gst/plugin or my DSP setup (or possibly my cross toolchain).

I'll get to xbmc later. Need to get basic video playback w/audio
working first.