Beagleboard xM analog output

Hello all,

I would like to set up my Beagleboard xM, so that it delivers +/- 10V analog output. What I am currently thinking (as a first idea after searching through the topics) is to use a DAC and control it through SPI or I2C. However, I would appreciate it if anyone knew some other way to achieve this. Do you believe that DAC is a good idea?


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I know of no other way that to use a DAC. Now, you could go I2c, SPI, or maybe parallel. That is the main decision you will need to make.


You could use low-pass filtered PWM instead of a DAC. It really depends on what resolution you need and how fast you need to update it (sampling rate). In either case (DAC or PWM) you’ll need some additional analog components to boost the output range up to +/-10V though.