Beagleboard XM Availability

Good morning.

I am new to Beagleboard development, and to start, I was looking to obtain a Beagleboard XM board. However, it seems as if everyone is out of stock and continues to be out of stock. Has the XM board been discontinued or is there some other reason why they are not available?

The Beagleboard-xM has NOT been discontinued. Boards are still shipping and several distributors including DigiKey have had boards shipped to them this week.


Also try arrow they had almost 100 in stock last month. But they are 201 through them.

Thanks for the info. It seems as if Digikey and Arrow may have some inventory issues, as I see plenty of stock for the BeagleBone, just not the BeagleBoard - xm.

Or demand > supply, so you never see them as the backorder queue keeps
increasing... :wink:


We have seen a big spike in -xM sales actvity and we are working to increase production to meet the demand…


This statement makes me feel a lot better about eventually getting a hold of one, as mine has been on backorder now for about 6 weeks.

We have shipped over 1200 over the last 5 weeks. No reason for a six week backorder. Who is the order with?


Digikey. I ordered on March 13.

You should call and ask what # you are in the backorder queue...


As far as I am concerned there should be no backorder queue!! I am checking into this now. There is no reason for this…no reason at all!!


Give 'em Hell, G!!!

Don’t get me more aggrivated than I already am!!!


and of course shortly after overpaying through arrow to not have to wait when everyone was on back order they come back available. :stuck_out_tongue: oh well tis the luck of the impatient I guess.

call it the "raspberry effect"...

I still never received the gilbert i ordered in 2010, i just gave up waiting. As i stated in the groups last year. Queues, backorder, whatever, its supply not keeping up with demand. Unfortunately for me, my credit card has expirex, and i have moved 3 times since i placed my order.

That's quite a way to make sure your order reaches you :slight_smile:

Well, if you had contacte me, I would have saved you a lot of trouble.


Order on Apr 13th. My shipping date has past due for more than three times on Digikey. It just keep delay shipping. Looks like I will never get my board, even though Digikey website says it will be shipped in a week.

You will get one eventually. D/K is receiving boards from us. They just need to clear their backlog.