Beagleboard-xm avaliability


I’m looking for a Beagleboard-xm to buy in all distributors sugested by (digikey, mouser, farnell etc) but there is no board avaliable to buy!

The Beagleboard-xm has been discontinuated?


If the distributors orders boards from us, we will build them. It has not been discontinued. But, unless they order boards, we cannot ship them boards.


I placed a order with Digikey on July 2, 2014. I have yet to received a due date or dock date, Digi has been trying to get a date, i have tried to email Rod at CircuitCo.
Its been almost 4 weeks with nothing… no type of answers. Where can i get help with this issue?

They only sale though distributors so it is up to the distributor to handle this.The idea of setting up a production line, loading the parts to build one board would make the cost of this board around $500. Orders would need to be entered by the distributors. I am not sure any of them would be willing to order 1500 boards just so they can sell you one board. It is basic supply and demand. If we have real demand then we will supply.

If you want one board ask around the community and see if anyone has one to sale.


I have placed a order for 40 units.

I have the same problem, I bought beagleboards on Jameco and the order ship date was changed from August to October.
I really need to buy around 60 beagles.

We are building a batch of boards for DigiKey in the next couple of weeks. They placed an order.


Have you guys given them a confirmation date?

I do not know. If we have, it would not be something you would see.


What is the standard leadtime of the beagleboard-xm? If i am trying to plan ahead… i need to know how far ahead of a order i should be. 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 20 weeks?

16 weeks assuming the minimum order has been placed by an authorized distributor…