BeagleBoard XM Camera Advice


I have a bb-xm and want to buy a camera that makes us of on-board camera slot. I used to use a webcam but because of the usb port’s latency issues I could not get high performance. Hence I want to use the onboard camera slot. I can afford up to 200$. Could you please make suggestions? (I found some alternatives but most of them are not available.)


Li-5m03 is great. The mt9p031 sensor is 5mp and works with angstrom.

Sorry; You can capture video? or only static image?

It can be used for both. I use it for capturing live video, and stream it over rtsp.

Sorry whats your kernel version?. I have problems. I have oblicuos images with media-ctl.

I can correct adding lines to display.

For example:

media-ctl -r -l ‘“mt9p031 2-0048”:0->“OMAP3 ISP CCDC”:0[1], “OMAP3 ISP CCDC”:2->“OMAP3 ISP preview”:0[1],“OMAP3 ISP preview”:1->“OMAP3 ISP preview output”:0[1]’
media-ctl -V ‘“mt9p031 2-0048”:0 [SGRBG12 648x486 (32,20)/2591x1943], “OMAP3 ISP CCDC”:2 [SGRBG10 640x480],“OMAP3 ISP preview”:1 [UYVY 622x472]’
yavta --set-control ‘0x00980911 470’ /dev/v4l-subdev8
yavta -f UYVY -s 622x472 --capture=1 --file=image_video4.bin /dev/video4
mv image_video4.bin image_video4.uyvy
display -size 622x472 -colorspace rgb image_video4.uyvy

I obtain oblicous images with 3 bands.

but, if I change to:
display -size 622x472 -colorspace rgb image_video4.uyvy

the image shown is correct.

I cant not fix it with video

I’m actually using the linux-omap-psp_2.6.32 kernel from angstrom. I am able to capture still images and also live video with both gstreamer and mplayer.
I also made it work with newer kernels, mostly every version from robert c nelson repo. But with newer kernels, i only used yavta, gstreamer can’t capture media-ctl devices yet.