Beagleboard-xM camera


I am looking for a camera module. But I could not find a suitable one for my Beagleboard-xM. It seems like leopard imaging is not producing camera module for beagleboard anymore. Any other camera suggestions?



Thanks! But are they fully compatible with beagleboard-xm or do I need to do things like recompiling the kernel etc.?

The shipping kernel suipports them.


See also:

Cheers, Chris

Perfect! Thank you so much!

Dear Chris,

Does this also support Beagleboard-xM’s shipping kernel:;jsessionid=273FABD8137BEE01AD56C105E433CA6B.qscstrfrnt04?productId=12&categoryId=10

If yes, how did you understand that?

Hi. I don’t know. I use the LI-5M03 with a modified Ubuntu kernel.

Note that the product you linked to has this note on the page: “Obsolete soon Replacement Part: LI-5M03”


Thank you so much for your reply. I think I will give logitech a try. Because it is harder for me to buy leopard imaging’s camera.

1 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi 11:20:08 UTC+3 tarihinde sumith s pillai yazdı:

I have a similar problem. I would like to use Leopard Imaging’s LBCM5M (the 5M version of the camera) with my XM board. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 with the 3.5.4-x6 kernel. There is no video device under /dev

I found some instructions for Angstrom ( but if I understand correctly, the 3.5 kernel that I have on my Ubuntu is new enough to incorporate the Leopard camera’s device driver.

Should I compile the kernel anyway making sure that the leopard camera support is enabled? If yes, then do I need to modify the files (MLO and uboot) in the boot partitions?


Hello, I’ve 5 LI-5M03 camera modules and I couldn’t make them work in Ubuntu 12.04 neither Angstrom. Any instructions? Any idea I could do with them?