Beagleboard xM Crosscompiler

Hi there everybody,

I feel amazingly stupid and I’m close to jump out of the window because of this so I’m begging you, sitting on my knees to help me out here!

I am running Windows 7 64bit and also have a virtual box running ubuntu now.
I will need to write a kernel module for the Beagleboard xM running embedded ubuntu. For that I would like to set up a cross compiler. There are plenty of tutorials out there how to set up eclipse with code sourcery but if I do what they tell me to do I have codesourcery in my windows path variable but in eclipse I can only choose between Cross ARM GCC-, Cross GCC- and Microsoft Visual C+±Toolchain instead of the sourcery one. If I follow other tutorials for other toolchains and what not I always come to some point where things happen that shouldn’t happen according to the tutorial.

As I said I’m begging you for a tutorial that helps me to install the toolchain, set it up with whatever IDE and write a hello world program to get started. Please please please prevent me from going mad!

Thank you very much in advance!