Beagleboard-xm dead (D13 is on) after removal of SD card with power on...

I've seen at least one other report of a problem seemingly caused by
ejecting the SD card with power on. It's easy to knock this and have
it eject. Some surge or spike must be toasting a part.

Board will not power with USB or power supply. I've tried 5 power
supplies as well as a precision HP power supply set to 5.00 volts.

- On the very first boot the system came up great. I was very
- Ejected SD by accident
- Pushed card back in
- System froze
- Powered everything down
- tried again (leaving card in this time).
- Only D13 glowing...

Which revision of the board is it?


Hi Chris

It seems that I have the same problem with my board. Did you have any
advance in this issue? I appreciate any feedback.



As long as D13 is glowing, there is no power to the board. Try running it from USB power and see if there are any other issues with the board not booting. And if you could say what the board revision is, that would help as well,


Have u solved your problem? I need help, please.