Beagleboard xM Ethernet stopped working(Light off)

Hi everyone,

Our team is using the beagle-board xM to control another board through SPI interface.

Everything is fine until yesterday when the Ethernet stopped working.
The yellow light on the Ethernet jack went off and stay off even after i reboot the board.

We did not do anything that will affect the system.(Like installing updates).

The only thing that we did is to use SPI to communicate with another board and configure the GPIO pin at the expansion connectors.(Pin 4 Pin 9, Pin 6)

We searched on the forum and found very little about what is really going on.

My partner suggested that We may accidentally configure the wrong GPIO pin which will disable the Ethernet.
But I highly doubt it since The board would reset itself after the reboot.

We are really lost and hope that we may get some helps here.
Please advise


Thank you

If you think it is broke, then request an RMA.


Hi Gerald

How do i know it is broken? Is there any commands that i can run ?