BeagleBoard xM from Arrow

I did a search and the only mention I could find of wec7 was from
March, so I apologize if this has been asked and answered a dozen
times already.

I'm working on a prototype for a hopefully-soon-to-be-commercial
product. I got my hands on a BeagleBoard xM from Arrow electronics
that was bundled with Windows Embedded Compact 7. I have VS 2008
installed with the WindowsEmbeddedCompact7.exe dev kit, but what I
seem to be lacking is a BSP for this board.

TI has two available, but the wec7 version (
wincesdk-a8) doesn't support the DM37x processor. I know it must
exist, because I have a BeagleBoard running wec7 right in front of me.

I have probably a dozen questions, but I'll leave it at that. I know
that the general MO is a linux distro but I'm trying to stay in what
is a somewhat-familiar territory, that being the MS world. If I get
all the wrong answers going down the path to making this work on wec7
I'll jump ship pretty quick, but this is my starting point.

Anyone know where to get a BSP that will let me compile an OS with VS



It looks like the BSP source is available from MPC for $500, or
binaries for free.

If there are any experts out there that know about WEC7 on a BBxM,
contact me for consulting/training opportunities. There is cash on the
table. :slight_smile:

Thanks all,


Or for a much "richer" BSP for half the cost: