Beagleboard-xm has NAND?

I just bought a BB-xm rev B. I know the specs says it has no onboard
flash but how are my boot args saved? I changed the bootdelay to 1
second and somehow it is saved that way. I do not have a boot.scr
script. I can create a new sd card and the bootdelay is still 1
second. Maybe there is a flash onboard and we dont know it?

There is no NAND on a REV B -xM board.


For my own sake, can you tell me where else my boot settings might be
stored if it is not a boot.scr?


The boot.scr is stored on the SD card. If you were to write over the boot.scr you can change it. But the environment variables are not stored for retrieval later as they would be if there was a NAND available. They are set at boot time by the script. If you were to type a command to set say the screen resolution, then once power was cycled or the board rest, it would be gone unless the boot,scr was modified with the desired settings.


That is why I am so puzzled. I do not have NAND since I have BB-XM and
I don't have a boot.scr and yet the bootdelay settings of 1 which is
not the default (default is 3 or so) still stays.

That puzzles me as well. I suggest you pose your question differently and submit it s a new thread and let the SW people take a crack as explaining it. It could be that in a later release there was something done to right to the SD card to store the parameter. BTW, what is the memory part number on the board? We have some early version of the board that had some NAND in them but not Rev B, Also, is the Rev B form the PCB or the label on top of the board?


My beagleborad -xm is Rev A2, and has NAND.

Correct. Some of the Rev A2 boards had NAND. You can use it, but you cannot boot from it. This is explained in the System Reference Manual. Rev B boards do not have NAND and all future -xM boards will be without NAND.


The Rev B label is a sticker on top of the board and it also show rev
B on the box.

And the memory manufacturer on the board?