BeagleBoard XM help

I have lost the Micro SD card that came with the Beagleboard XM, and
try as I might, I cannot seem to download a usable image to get Ubuntu
onto an SD card so I can start using the board.

I have downloaded various versions of Gzip, Win32 Imagewriter and
everything else for a Windows format, but I simply will not work for
me. What I am looking for now is either help for Linux/Beagleboard
impaired or someone to sell me a working version of an Ubuntu micro SD
card (4 or 8GB).

Please lead me out of this tunnel...




Tenet Technetronics, India can provide working ubuntu SD card. If you are interested please drop a mail to

Tenet Technetronics

Will the same boot media work across the entire beagleboard line or is
the media board specific? I'm probably looking for ubuntu or debian
for the bone.


It works for beagleboard-xm rev B and rev C.