beagleboard-xM help

I’m doing a multimedia project in which i’ve to use elecard YUV(4:2:0) viewer to view video files. I’m using beagleboard-xM with 128MB SD card with prebuilt image files ( MLO, u-boot.bin, uImage). I want to connect beagleboard to monitor and i want to install YUV viewer software and view output using Beagleboard-xM and monitor as independant PC. Is it possible with current image files because i read that It does not contain a graphical user interface (GUI). Right now i’m using beagleboard to execute my exe and output is saved in SD and i’m viewing in other PC. I’m new to beagleboard, please help.

buy a bigger SD card and use GUI :slight_smile:

Thanks, but which image files i’ve to write to SD card to be able to use GUI.

Is it just formatting the card in FAT and copying these files?

this is the filesystem to copy to the ext3 partition

you also need MLO, u-boot, kernel

will there be any files of angstrom except in SD card like NAND flash.

Your best bet would be to read a few How-To pages such as formatting your SD-Card to a bootable card. Also how to properly setup the said bootable sd-card. How to setup a card is all over the net and has been gone through numerous times. Give some of the tutorials online a try. Then if something fails trying to set it up state what you tried and state how it is failing and any errors that it may be displaying to you.
There are many options for your OS.