Beagleboard xM - How to mod kernel to set the timings for a custom LCD?

How to set the timings for a custom LCD?

I am attempting to set the timings for a custom LCD by making changes to the Kernel, but have not had any luck. I dumped the timing values from: /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/display0/timings and confirmed that when I write my timing values to this location my LCD works fine. Next I searched the source code and found that these timing values originated in a file called HDMI.c (at least that is the only place I could find them) located in the drivers/video/omap2/dss directory. I changed the values in this file for the resolution I am using (800X600) and rebuilt the kernel. But low and behold, the original values remain. I confirmed that the HDMI.c file was compiled and that the hdmi.o file was used to build the kernel, and I am sure I am loading my built kernel, but am stumped. Any thoughts?

hdmi.c is a very wrong place to change anything. You need to add a driver for your lcd to a kernel. It is very easy if you know how to use cp and gedit. I don’t remember an actual place in the kernel where all lcd drivers reside, but you can find them by greping for names mentioned in the board-omap3beagle.c. By the way I had shared a tutorial in this google-group how to add lcd drivers to a kernel. Try to search through