Beagleboard xM LCD7

Today, I received a shipment of a Beagleboard-XM LCD7 Rev B touchscreen. I attached my xM to the hardware, and downloaded the boot image from I am able to get a screen on the beagleboard, but the touch ios not working. If I try to run the touch screen calibration from the Administration menu, I receive the error: “Could not launch Calibrate Touchscreen” Failed to execute child process “xTerm” (no such file or directory". Something seems a bit strange. In looking into the device drivers, I do not see a touchscreen directory in the dev directory for handling touchscreen events. Is there something I am missing here that I need to install onto the image to make it work?

OK, so I was able to fix it by running:
opkg update
opkg install libqtgui-dev
opkg install libqtcore4

from the terminal. It still fails from the gui.

Now the touchscreen functions with a stylus.