BeagleBoard-xM, netinstall (wheezy), and mpurate

I decided it was time for a change so went looking for a way to run Debian on my -xM. Imagine my lack of surprise when Robert Nelson’s excellent work popped to the top of my search results in the form of

I’ve almost got things put back together but am not clear on the status of being able to change mpurate (at least that was what the setting used to be called for the Ubuntu image)… is it possible to alter the board’s clock rate for wheezy and, if so, is it still maxed out at 800MHz or is 1000 doable? In reading some of the recent threads related to this there seemed to be conflicting answers so I thought I’d ask directly…


mpurate is pretty much gone in mainline... By default that image is
set to boot with the performance governor at 800Mhz then once in
userspace cpufreq-utils should take over (if installed) and auto clock
it.. 1Ghz is still not doable in mainline, there has been a
re-surgence of the patches needed, but not yet ready... If you
'really/really' want 1Ghz, the older v3.0.x Angstrom kernel should
still work..



That’s good to hear re: mpurate setting (one less thing to worry about). 1GHz was a nice to have… as long as I can get 800MHz, I’ll be OK. Also, nice work on netinstall… easy to use and makes the install process as straightforward as an x86 Linux install.