Beagleboard XM, pin short circuit

Hi all,

I've short circuited the beagleboard XM Expansion pins, actually I short circuited pins 26 and 27.
Pin 26 gives 1.7 while pin 27 gives 4.7 or 5v.
Now my board won't load the software(on micro SD), but I see the green LED light indicator for the USB hub and the power only.
Also when I check the voltage on the expansion pins it gives me 0.4 or 0.7.
Is my board history or I can FIX IT?

You have blown the processor. Can it be fixed? Maybe. You will have to have the processor and memory replaced. It will not be free. Will this fix the board? Maybe. No way to tell until it is looked at.

I suggest you request an RMA and take it from there. It may be less expensive to buy a new or refurbished one depending on where ou live.