BeagleBoard xM POP memory

Hello all,

I am currently using a BBxM rec C, I am trying to find a part number
for the micron memory chip used in the POP setup on the beagle board
xM. The BOM provided on the website referenced IC_MEM_POP_0G-4G. The
number printed on the chip gives no results on Microns page. The
manual for the BBxM says that the board has 512MB of LPDDR. When
searching on Microns page but I can only find chips that are 128-256MB
mobile POP. The DM3730 manual say the processor will support up to 1GB
LPDDR, but gives little more information. I have found the
MT46H128M32L2KQ-5 IT:A part but micron claims it is only 128MB

What is the Micron part number for the POP (no NAND) 512MB chip used by BBxM?

Is there a part number for a POP 1GB LPDDR chip that I can use with
the DM3730 when I rev my own board?

Thank you in advance
-Nathan P.

It is listed on the BOM located here:

As to 1G, you need to ask Micron. I never tried it and have doubts it will work due to power concerns. That is what the unpopulated regulator is for on the schematic.


It used to be: MT46H128M32L2KQ-5
That's a 4Gb (512MB) part as per Micron website [1].

Use Micron's BGA decoder to go from part markings to part number [2].


Just a heads up. The part on the BOM is still being used, but Micron plans to retire it. The new part number is MT46H128M32L2KQ-5 WT:B . Once we use up the stock of the current one, we will move to the new part number and update the BOM accordingly.