BeagleBoard-xM power from PoE also question about USB

Hi :),

I'm new to this and want to check if someone tried this already.

Is it possible to user PoE as source to power the xM board?

Also if USB3 interface is used is it possible to have on-board USB

I am looking to install xM inside computer case as 2nd PC and use it
for environmental control with censors connected to USB

POE is not supported on the BeagleBoard-xM. If you want to do it externally and covert the 48V to 5V and then use that to power the board, you can do that.

There are two working USB ports, one the OTG port with the small USB connector and the one that goes to the HUB which gives you four USB ports. USB3 has not been used. Why do you need more than 5 USB ports?