Beagleboard xm rev A3 does not respond

Hi all,
I was away for some time, sorry.
Anyway, nothing seems to work. I also tried to power it using USB…
The bottom line - Beagle is DEAD.
So long… :frowning:

Try sending it for repair and see what they can do with it.



Well, after getting in touch with the RMA guys and the Digi-Key store representatives they sent me an ALL NEW BB-xM with no extra cost.
I have to say it this was the best way I have ever been treated by a costumer support team!
I will be happy to do business with them in the future and would recommend buying there to every one I know (here I go).
As far as the old Beagle - It’s dead ):

Gilad Landau

בתאריך יום שני, 20 באוגוסט 2012 00:28:15 UTC+3, מאת Gerald: