BeagleBoard-xM Rev A3 LCD header part number


I am making an LCD expansion board for the BB Rev A3 and I would like
to know what the part number used on the P11 and P13 LCD header. I
have looked at the BOM it only say HDR 10X2_1.27mm, but I need to
know the exact dimension of the socket used.

anyone can help me ?



Did you look in the Systems Reference Manual?


HI Gerald,

The first thing I did is look at Beagle_SRM_xM_A3_0.pdf, then
downloaded the BOM for that revision. I did have found some part
number in SRM for the beagleBoard rev C4.

Maybe I missed it but do you know where I can get that info ? because
I want to use the right pin length to be sure that all fit as thigh as



The Rev C4 and the -xM use the same exact connectors. There are no differences. They use a standard 1.27mm header that is configured as a 2x10. Major League Electronics and Samtec are two possible options for sources for these connectors. You can find the part numbers for both connector and socket on page 106 and in Table 27 of the Rev C4 System Reference Manual.


thx Gerald

Just wanted to know for 100%