Beagleboard XM rev B always overvoltage


I've some issue with Beagleboard-XM Rev-B. When I power up with USB-
OTG booting works fine, but just after decompressing linux kernel
overvoltage LED glows.
When I tried connecting DC supply of 5V-2A and 5V-2.5A, board always
show overvoltage indecator.

Does anyone faced same issue? Any solutions?

Thank you,

What is the voltage level when you measure it? This LED is not controlled by SW so I see no relationship with it turning on after boot. What color is the LED?


Hi Gerald,

With DC power I see supply voltage ~5V.
Can you suggest exact spec for DC power supply?
I'm not sure about voltage when supply provided with USB but I feel
strange when booting is perfect
and when linux kernel comes into picture RED LED glows.
I'm using demo image that came along with board MS card.
Do you think linux image causing any problem?

Thank you,

Hi Adi,

Can you try another external power supply. I believe your supply may be supplying more than 5 volts.


You need to measure the voltage and not read the label. The maximum voltage is 5.25V. I do not think Linux can cause an over voltage condition. This is all HW and only triggers if the voltage is too high, which it triggers at 5.4V.
You could also have a system grounding problem. Make sure ALL components in your setup, BeagleBoard, PC, Monitor, Hub, etc. all are plugged into the same power strip so their grounds are all referenced to each other.

You may need to request and RMA to get the board looked at.


Thank you for all your replies..
I'll recheck, retry everything again and get back with my findings.

But still if you see any reason why overvoltage indicator glows after
only when I power-up board with USB.
I checked "Validation at the U-Boot level" with all the steps given on
below page

But when it's "Booting into Linux" I see following log:

I designed the board and I know how the circuitry works. I strongly suggest you send it in on an RMA and let us take a look at it to make sure there is no issue.