BeagleBoard xM Rev C - Problem

The additional characters are perfectly normal, they appear because you must have set on your terminal emulator to show the non-printable characters. Then on this symptom i don’t think you have any hardware problem.
About not booting, probably there is something wrong with your sd card image.
Try to use a pre-built image, or better, the production image that comes with the board, available here:
If you made everything right and still have no boot, then you may have a hardware problem.
I hope it helps.


First of all thank you for your answer.
Ok, so the additional characters are no problem.
The prebuilt Image that you recommended me is exactly the one I used, so that should not be the Problem. Moreover I’ve also tried other Images with the same result…

Is there any other way to bood the Beagleboard xm, or if not - is there a way to flash the DM3730 Firmware?

Yes, there are other ways to boot the DM3730, i think the easiest, other than sd card, is serial. But it is a little annoying, because you have to find the proper boot file (for sd card we use the x-load, for serial it will be another, S-load i think), use some windows software to send this boot file over serial.
I saw one colleague do it, didn’t do it myself, but i saw it working.

Some information are here:

If it is a hardware-issue, what are my options? Or do I have to buy a new one…

I think you can do a RMA. The details are on this link: