beagleboard-xM-RevC booting over NFS in Ubuntu10.10.

hello !!

  After many painful nights, finally i could boot my beagleboardxM-
RevC, over here i want to share the complete details :
[Note:Following is for beginners like me]

Host :
  DualCore-4GB RAM[DDR-II or III i dont know].
  Modem:ADSL typeII,modem for broadband with four additional LAN's.
  OS: Linux-2.6.35-32-generic-pae Ubuntu-10.10, Maverick.
    DHCP: dhcp3-server
    TFTP: tftpd-hpa [runs independently fron xinted]
    NFS : nfs-kernel-server
    Terminal: minicom
  BeagleBoard-xM Rev-C [purchased on jan 2012]
  Serial port: only 1 port available.
   Ethernet : 1 available[please use this RJ-45 ,for Network Booting]
  USB hub: optional network connection, but use RJ$% only.
  Power : please use a seperate 5V, 3A Power Adaptor.

Server preperation on Host side :

  sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server dhcp3-server tftpd-hpa
Note: there is absolutely no need of inetd/xinetd super server for
network booting, tftpd-hpa
  is sufficiant.

Modify some files: