Beagleboard XM series A

I have a Beagleboard XM series A, which has 256Mbytes NAND flash as
well as 512Mbytes RAM.

By using the following commands:
OMAP3 # fatload mmc 0 0×81000000 riscos
reading riscos
4194304 bytes read
OMAP3 # nand write 0×81000000 280000 400000
NAND write: device 0 offset 0×280000, size 0×400000
4194304 bytes written: OK
OMAP3 # setenv bootcmd “echo Booting from nand …; run
nandargs ; nand read 0×81000000 280000 400000; go 0×81000000;”

OMAP3 # saveenv
Saving Environment to NAND…
Erasing Nand…
Erasing at 0×260000 — 100% complete.
Writing to Nand… done

I am able to boot into RISC OS from the NAND flash (rather than from
the SD card, but the SD card still needs to be there for MLO and u-
boot.bin). Is there a command I can give within 'bootcmd' that will
initialise the DVI output and put a start up logo onto the screen