[Beagleboard-xm] Two questions about camera usage。

Hi all
I use the pre-build images of TI_Android_DevKit TI_Android_GingerBread_2_3_4_DevKit_2_1. Now have two question about use the camera.

I can’t open the camera app. everytime i click the camera app, get the error message:The application Camera (process com.android.camera) has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again.
/dev/video0 is alway exist even if i didn’t connect a camera to the board, why? If i connect a usb camera to the board, How can i to operate it.

I want to install the openni driver. and download the OpenNI-Bin-Dev-Linux-Arm-v1.5.4.0, after run ./install.sh get the message:
copying shared libraries…OK
copying executables…OK
copying include files…OK
creating database directory…OK
registering module ‘libnimMockNodes.so’…/install.sh: line 180: /usr/bin/niReg: not found

Hi Eric

Which camera do you try to use?
“The application Camera (process com.android.camera) has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again.” is very generic and it appears if there is problem anywhere end- end from app to hardware.

I use DM3730 EVM
There are couple of concerns with regards to driver and the Android Camera HAL.
Have a look at the Camera HAl at /hardware/ti/omap3/camera.
Either the driver or both HAL and Driver may need to have modifications to make the camera work.
The /dev/video0 device is used by the HAL only if the kernel version is less than 2.6.37.
Else the Camera needs /dev/media0 /dev/videoX (in my case it was /dev/video2) and some more media subdevices based on your configuration.


Hi Kishore

I want to get picture from a usb camera. After connect the usb camera to board , get the following message from console

uvcvideo: Found UVC 1.00 device Vimicro USB Camera (Altair) (0ac8:3450)
input: Vimicro USB Camera (Altair) as /devices/platform/ehci-omap.0/usb1/1-2/1-2.2/1-2.2:1.0/input/input2

following is the default dev after the android power on (I just connect one usb mouse to the board)

alarm tty tty38 ttyO1
android_adb tty0 tty39 ttyO2
android_adb_enable tty1 tty4 ttyO3
ashmem tty10 tty40 ttyS0
binder tty11 tty41 ttyS1
block tty12 tty42 ttyS2
bus tty13 tty43 ttyS3
console tty14 tty44 urandom
cpu_dma_latency tty15 tty45 v4l-subdev0
cpuctl tty16 tty46 v4l-subdev1
device-mapper tty17 tty47 v4l-subdev2
full tty18 tty48 v4l-subdev3
graphics tty19 tty49 v4l-subdev4
i2c-1 tty2 tty5 v4l-subdev5
i2c-2 tty20 tty50 v4l-subdev6
i2c-3 tty21 tty51 v4l-subdev7
input tty22 tty52 vcs
kmem tty23 tty53 vcs1
kmsg tty24 tty54 vcsa
log tty25 tty55 vcsa1
media0 tty26 tty56 video0
mem tty27 tty57 video1
network_latency tty28 tty58 video2
network_throughput tty29 tty59 video3
null tty3 tty6 video4
psaux tty30 tty60 video5
ptmx tty31 tty61 video6
pts tty32 tty62 video7
pvrsrvkm tty33 tty63 video8
random tty34 tty7 video9
rtc0 tty35 tty8 watchdog
snd tty36 tty9 zero
socket tty37 ttyO0