BeagleBoard-XM UART-Boot

Hi all,

I have developed using BeagleBoard-XM.
I have to try to UART-Boot now.
But hang in the download of u-boot.bin.

1)Compiling the tools
$ git clone
$ cd omap-u-boot-utils
$ make distclean
$ make

2)Download x-loader
$ pserial -p /dev/ttyS0 -f x-load.bin.ift
Waiting For Device ASIC ID: Press Ctrl+C to stop ←(※The power ON

ASIC ID Detected: OMAP 3630 with ROM Version 0x0707
Sending 2ndFile:
Downloading file: 100.000% completed (22844/22844 bytes)
File download completed.

3)Download u-boot
$ ukermit -p /dev/ttyS0 -f u-boot.bin ←(※Hung.)

Could you please suggest me...

Best Regards,

I’ve got the same problem. Did you solve this issue?

Thank you so much.