BeagleBoard-xM with Narcissus Angstrom

hi friends,

I am trying beagleboard-xm with angstrom on Narcissus.

I have downloaded the simple image using GNOME. working fine !!!

Now I wanted to build new image using GNOME only but I have to include additional packages.

If i am selecting Advance instead of simple I am getting some of the options like,

select the /dev manager
SDK type

what are these? this link is not giving details about these options.
How can I get what r the effects of these types ?

any pointer available, which will brief it .

  1. now about the additional packages
  • How can I recognize my ethernet eth0 because i have to go for remote debugging uptill not for command
    $:> ifconfig -a
    I am getting usb0 configuration, while i need eth0 too .
    for this, what package i should include in my image ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you