[beagleboard] Your Opinion about project.

hi guys I am going to make this project please tell me your opinion
My project is *Embedded Cloud Server for Anti piracy


network. Today�s scenario is that lots of software are being cracked and
thus economic losses are faced by vendor. Basic concept of this project
is, no one can crack or copy the software as there is a separate module
on which the application is installed. Interfacing Cloud Computing in
our project gives advantages of almost unlimited storage, automatic
software integration, quick deployment, backup recovery. Even though the
computers in an organization are reinstalled or replaced still there is
no need to reinstall the application again.

so far there are very few software or hardware based copy protection systems that have not been cracked, why would yours be different?

in order to run the software on a computer, your black box has to provide it to that computer, at this stage it can be intercepted and copied.

besides being totally beside the point of open source, I see not use even from a commercial standpoint.