BeagleBoardxM partition

hi friends ,

I have just added the sitaraSDK ti kernel into the SD card but having a doubt in the process,
have got this msg first, I followed 2nd process 2) Enter in custom boot and roofs file paths ; though which my beagle is running nicely, perfect

Choose file path to install from
1 ) Install pre-built images from SDK
2 ) Enter in custom boot and rootfs file paths

But if I am following 1) Install pre-build images from SDK; here I got a problem,
it is giving

Will now install from SDK pre-built images
no SDK PATH found
Enter path to SDK :

Now i’ll follow the path upto my ti-sdk installed folder after tht i hv recognized tht i dont have file with name/ format “ti-sdk-”
and it gives me this error:
“Invalid SDK path make sure to include ti-sdk-xxxx” in that folder …

for that do i have to download n install CCS ??

please share any link which required


Could you tell everyone which beagle you have?



its a beagleboard xM