Beaglebone & 3.5 LCD & Weather Cape science fair project


Turns out we have a Rev A6 BB and a Rev A Weather cape.

We are able to get the Angstrom to work with the display (i.e. no flickering) but the display still stops working as soon as we plug in the weather cape.
Still working on the Ubuntu flicker problem.

again any insight would be greatly appreciated

one thing I do see is that per the compatibility matrix found here:

the weather cape and the 3 inch lcd cape are specifically listed as NOT being compatible with each other. The lcd4 appears to not be compatable either, though the lcd7 appears to be compatible as are both recent versions of the dvi-d cape with and without audio. you might consilder the lcd7 or using a dvi-d cape and a dvi monitor.


Thanks for the spreadsheet … wish they would have had that before we purchased the equipment … we purchased most of this back in Aug\Sept. time frame but our lcd was back ordered. We did seem to get it partially working. We had to toggle the dip switches on the weather cape it appears that everything except the lux which sits on i2c 0x40 work. Have you seen any information on what the dip switches do?

Thanks again.