BeagleBone A3 Sub-Revision?


as you may have read, I got strange problems with one BeagleBone board.

I was lucky to be able to order another one from another vendor that arrived today. I made a comparison and discovered some differences. As I have (at least it seems) a broken ethernet on the first Bone, this may be relevant...

Here are the changes I found:

Also the PCB of the left one is lighter/bright white.

other photos:

Just courious, are these differences just regular variations of the manufacturing process?


best regards

1. The difference on PCB color is depends on what shade of soldermask color
used by PCB manufacturer. This is quite common

2. Again, marking on PCBs differ depends on which vendor manufactured it

3. The 50 ohm resistor shown in picture is not directional and won't affect
any functionality board.