[Beaglebone] Adding DVI enabled Cape to LCD7...switch between both


before doing something wrong...

There is a DVI/Audio-Cape which occupies the same
LCD data lines as the LCD7 Cape as inputs (CPU out, LCD7/DVI in).

Two questions:
Is it possible to switch between both (they do have different
resolutions) via software and therefore prevent the CPU from driving
two input ports at the same time?

The DVI/Audio Cape seems to have von Boot-Eeprom with the first
release and uses I2C2 for other purposes...this seems contradictionary
to me to what is said about cape design by the same source as those,
who have built the DVI/Audio Cape...? Will it work non the less?


Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,

No. The lines go to both places.You cannot switch. The processors only have one set of lines.

I am not sure I understand your second question. Each cape has its own EEPROM connected to the I2C bus and has to be a different address from the other capes in the system. The DVI-D cape and the audio cape and the DVI-D/audio capes are all built by beagleboardtoys as reflected here.