BeagleBone AI - How to test and use SGX 544 Hardware Acceleration

Hi, I’m new to BeagleBone and Embedded systems.
Maybe it is a idiot question, but it’s urgent for me :sweat:

I have BBAI- with Debian 9.13(LXQT) and 4.14.108-ti-r143.

I tried to deploy QT gui for monitoring data from other sensor boards and displaying plot with real time.

I tested QT version 5.7.1 - the default version when use command “sudo apt-get install qt5-default”

BUT the performance of real-time plot is bad. CPU is used over 70% and the program is getting slow.

I’m wondering I have to try gpu acceleration-sgx544, but I don’t know how to do.

Is there any way to test for that on BBAI?
Or could you suggest me for better performance of real-time plot?

Thank you.