Beaglebone and Chromebook

Hi all,
I have a beablebone black and I’m trying to use it from a Chromebook.
Is there anything I need to set up on the Chromebook or Beaglebone so that they can talk to each other? The network connection doesn’t seem to come up.
Also I should mention that when I was trying to set it up and couldn’t get it to work, I received an update of the OS in the Chromebook, after rebooting (which seems you can only do when you need to update it) they started to talk to each other. I need to do more testing, but potentially if the Beaglebone is up, and then turn the Chromebook on, it might work. If this is the case, it would be rather annoying as it would mean the Beaglebone will require an external power supply to connect to the Chromebook.

Thanks for your help in advance.