Beaglebone and Cloud9/nodejs

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I am just getting started with the beaglebone and having a bit of a hard time to get everything setup. I had it working once, and wanted to try the Cloud9 environment.
I could compile the program (blinkled.js from the samples) but could not run it. I got the same error messages as outlined here:

The answer leaves me a bit puzzled. I conclude that this is not working yet, as people are waiting for a new release of the IDE. Wel, there is 0.6 and 1.7.1 out, as well as newer versions of nodejs, however they are not available as angstrom packages. Or am I missing something entirely?



Are you sure that it is not running? The errors you linked to show up
and everything still runs for me. Look for the USR3 LED to blink even
if you get those errors.

On the other side of things... I was getting errors running Cloud9/
node.js on the 12.01.11 and 12.01.27 Angstrom kernels. Can't remember
the exact error but when you selected 'run' it would error out and
automatically stop. I switched to the latest Circuitco release
kernels and have not had any issues since.

I am using the A5 Image on an A3 board with zero issues...

Hope that helps some.

- Ken -

Let me let you in on a secret: those are the same kernels :slight_smile:




I realized they where the same kernels but there was something that
gave out errors with Cloud9. I was getting the same "EADDRINUSE,
Address already in use " errors described mid way into the this post
on the other BeagleBone group.

I started to dig in to it when A5 came out. And whatever it was, went
away for me when I switched. Being the newbie to this stuff I just let
it ride. I guess it could have been newbie error. :slight_smile:

- Ken -

I received my beaglebone yesterday and so I’m a noob as well and I was confused by those same errors at first as well.

You can verify that the blinkled.js program is or is not running by looking at your process table with

ps aux

oot       724  1.2  0.4   2412  1116 ?        Ss   18:45   0:00 /usr/sbin/dropbear -i -r /etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key -p 22                                        
root       729  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        S    18:45   0:00 [kworker/0:0]                                                                                             
root       732  0.0  0.6   2916  1540 pts/2    Ss   18:45   0:00 -sh                                                                                                       
**root       734 93.7  5.6  48144 14456 ?        R    18:46   0:28 /usr/bin/node /var/lib/cloud9/blinkled.js**                                                                 
root       735  0.0  0.3   2424   956 pts/2    R+   18:46   0:00 ps aux    

You can also do a sanity check by starting it by hand outside of (from the command line) cloud9

Cloud9 has me puzzled by some other odd behavoir, which I'll post soon. 

Keep us posted as to your prgress and I'll do the same. 

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The package repository for the Beaglebone has been expanding over time. You’re right - it can be frustrating to figure out why certain packages are older Angstrom, but generally there is a good reason for it.

My understanding is that the Beaglebone is currently using an older version of Cloud9 and nodejs due to some compatibility bugs in more recent versions. I assume that the newer versions will be made available in Beaglebone repositories when the bugs are fixed.

The older versions are good enough for many interesting projects, though. See Koen’s weatherstation project that is included with bonescript, or this one writing to a Nokia 5110 LCD:!searchin/beagleboard/5110/beagleboard/xkNizg7twWE/1StXnU2KeNMJ

As for the problem with blinkled.js, you might want to try:

  1. running the script from the command line, to make sure it’s not Cloud9 that is getting in the way:

cd /var/lib/cloud9
node blinkled.js

  1. Updating to the latest Beaglebone image, since it fixed some problems with bonescript/nodejs integration for me. You can get the latest image (the “Beaglebone A5” one, which AFAIK is compatible with all earlier Beaglebones) from this page


Hi all,

thanks for the answers, blinkled is running now, I am not quite sure what did it, but it works.
Is the processing-dynamic-view.js supposed to run? I usually get a socket error with AddressInUse complaints.


2012/3/2 Ed Young <>