Beaglebone and LCD3Cape and Qt embedded: Touchscreen problems

I’ve managed to get the touchscreen working now.
I’ve build qt embedded with config


and the touchscreen works when exporting the QWS_MOUSE_PROTO as mentioned above.

To build qt embedded with tslib, you must first build the tslib for arm on your host system as described here:
use the arm toolchain from the angstrom website.

Build qt embedded as described here:
don't forget to add -qt-mouse-tslib when configuring qt. add the following lines to the qmake.conf (from (1)):

QMAKE_INCDIR = /home/USER/tslib_arm/include
QMAKE_LIBDIR = /home/USER/tslib_arm/lib 

replace USER with your user name.

After qt is installed, build your qt project as described in (2) and copy the binary and the qtlibs to your target.
On the target device, issue the following commands:
export QWS_MOUSE_PROTO=tslib:/dev/input/event0
./MyApp -qws

Hi all,

I’ve by-passed the rebuild of Qt Embedded. On my beaglebone with LCD3 I’ve made the touchscreen working with Qt embedded app exporting:

export QW_MOUSE_PROTO=“LinuxInput:/dev/input/event0”

I’ve installed all tslib packages (including qt4-embedded-plugin-mousedriver-tslib), but I don’t know if they are strictly necessary.


Hi Davide,
Ok, that’s good news. How exactly did you “install” the tslib packages? opkg?

Yes, I used okpg.

I installed the packages with names starting with tslib and qt4-embedded-plugin-mousedriver-tslib. To see what is available, I run:

opkg list | grep tslib

I don’t know why, but opkg search tslib returns nothing.


Ok, thanks alot Davide!