Beaglebone and powered usb hub issue

Hi I have recently bought a powered USB hub to work with the
beaglebone but I have encountered a weird issue that if I boot up the
beaglebone with the USB hub powered, beaglebone will fail to detect
the hub and devices connected to the hub. However if I plug in the
powered hub after it booted up or i boot the beaglebone with the hub
un-powered, it works as per normal. I can confirm that the devices do
not draw more than 500MA during this test.

Any one can tell me if this is normal before I run out to get a better
USB powered hub?

To add on, by detect, I meant being listed under lsusb command. If I
power the USB hub then plug in to a normal PC it works perfectly fine.

Same problem here.. did you find a solution?

Nope no solution yet, ran out and got another usb hub but apparently
the new one also uses the same chip.

On the advice of a friend, cutting the +ve to from the beaglebone usb
host port to the hub works though, but that would mean that there will
be no power to usb devices if the hub is not powered.


I have a similar issue, but I am a complete beginner when it comes to electronics. What does “cut +ve” involve and is there a guide for how to do it?