BeagleBone + Arduino

Hi All,

We are about to release our new BeagleBone motherboard that has the ability to add Arduino compatible boards. Because the Arduino is typically 5v, there is some adaption / wiring required but there are a lot of solder pads and headers that make this pretty easy.

We make a bunch of microcontroller boards based on the Microchip PIC 18F series called a HamStack and our boards are Arduino pin compatible. Well, as much as a PIC can be compatible with an Atmel chip :slight_smile: We then put that footprint on our new BeagleBone motherboard along with a bunch of serial connectors (RS232, RS485, Xbee) and a socket for an audio CODEC. There is also a built in power supply so you can run your beagle off of any 7-20+ VDC power source. Very handy for solar / battery powered systems.

You can check it out here…

or at the newest web site, which is very much still under construction, here…

Let us know what you think.