Beaglebone Audio

I am hoping to produce some audio with the Beaglebone. What is the best audio codec for the Beaglebone? I am assuming use of I2S with McASP. Also, are there any tutorials or examples of using I2S and McASP for audio (ie. wiring diagrams, code examples)?


there is DVI cape for BBone with open schematic where you can find the
use for tlv320aic3406. But I have not found the C-sources for this

It's in the default angstrom kernel for the 'bone

How does one interface with the driver, ALSA?

Hi Tom
You can try TLV320AIC3254 ( or usb audio codecs like PCM2900


First of all you must find out if a codec is supported by your OS and
only after that make any decision. Otherwise it will be pain in ass to
bring up audio

looks good! Does it work? :slight_smile: