[BeagleBone] Barebox support

Is anyone working on Barebox support for BeagleBone? And why u-boot is still the first bootloader, that will be implemented for new boards? Has Barebox some drawbacks compared to u-boot?


Did you ever find your answer? I would like to know if there is a benefit to using Barebox as well…

What’s wrong with u-boot?

I didn’t say anything was wrong with it… I was just asking if Yegor found if there was a benefit to using Barebox over u-boot.

Somehow I didn’t receive answers to my question :frowning: First of all some devs posted patches to support am335x, but it is still in review phase.

barebox uses Kconfig framework like Linux kernel, so instead of include/configs/boardx.h you get well known .config file with the options you need. I still haven’t used it for real projects but AFAIK barebox structure have more in common with Linux kernel that u-boot. That’s why it can easier to port drivers from Linux kernel to barebox. I’ll know more as soon as I get in touch with it.